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Valheim Advanced Tips and Tricks

Carlos Max



Valheim Advanced Tips and Tricks

Early Finewood Bow

The next tip is actually about getting access to the wood you shouldn’t have we guess earlier in the game you know what we mean so before you actually have a Valheim Bronze Pickaxe Native Gamer you know what we mean you can go ahead and grab yourself a troll and then just kind of bait them into hitting these trees we have some pine trees also have some birch which is the two kinds of trees you need to be able to get the fine wood or you maybe just need some core wood to build some supports for your base whatever the reason right this is one that always gets suggested on the non-stop.

Get Bronze

We don’t think it really takes that long to get bronze but if you really want to get it really early right and go ahead and get yourself a fine wood bow you know what we mean you start doing more damage this is definitely a way you could do it these guys are really easy to beat you just kind of it doesn’t really take much stamina you can really just beat the hits out of them get you all that wood that you need.

Just get it done there is another way to do this just by cutting down a tree and then you push this log to say into the tree that you want to knock down and then sooner or later last you break it as well you can just use the log to damage other trees so nice little Native Gamer tip pretty useful we guess for people that want to you know jump ahead of Russian but pretty good one and we thought some people would like to see this because they may not be aware.

AFK Area

This is for people who afk a lot in the world not everyone does that but if you’re playing on a server where it’s just running constantly something like that you always have that one daddy gamer in your group one of those daddy gamers so we can talk about them right that afk is a lot has to look after kids do stuff you know what we mean go do daddy things but they still just say afk in the world.

If they do that say in my base over there if we afk and they had to vent you got a troll event you get a big chunk of your base kind of torn up just because the monsters be all trying to get in there especially with the trolls because they can’t get to you they will break things right so this is just a platform you what this is there are four pillars just four pillars away from your base so they’ll focus on the person that’s actually on the platform and everything will be safe right you can go up you can afk everything will be wonderful.

Dig Down To The Ground

You can also do a different version of this one where you dig down to the ground and then you can just put stone just a stone layer over the top of it and then you could just afk down there safe it’s just about having an amk room and just making sure everyone uses it who’s afking so if other people around going around doing you know stuff on the server around the world the event if it spawns on the base the base will be okay right so pretty cool pretty awesome works really well these guys we mean they can’t really do much this you would probably want to build this platform out of stone we just did this really quick but they can’t do a lot they just sit down there they make it a hit or two but usually we mean if you’re afk you’d be afking up and they’d kind of lose interest pretty quick also event mobs when they’re done when the events end they usually wander off and despawn so you don’t have to worry about them being down so they won’t stick around that long anyway and you’re pretty good.

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Top 10 Rarest Skins In Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 2!

Carlos Max



Rarest Skins In Fortnite

Top ten rarest fortskins in Fortnite Chapter two season two that is what we’re going to be doing today guys let’s get into it. The top 10 rarest skins in Fortnite chapter 2 season 2.

10. Hyperion Fortnite Skin

We have Hyperion now looking at the skin I cannot believe this is now considered a rare skin in Fortnite the last time Hyperion was seen in the game was January 30th, 2019 or 398 days ago from when I am recording now Hyperion is actually really interesting to see on this list because I feel like I have just seen it in the shop and maybe Epic Games will do me dirty and release it.

9. Special forces Fortnite Skin

We have special forces now I know the name is Special Forces but let’s be honest there really is nothing special about the skin if we are being honest now the last time Special Forces was seen in the shop was January 24 2019 or 404 days ago from when we are recording this and I don’t know anybody who owns the skin if you own the skin make sure you let me know down below in the comments but if we are being completely honest I have never seen this skinning game and I don’t know anybody who owns this absolute heinous what am I trying to say my English and still garbage moving on now guys to the.

8. Radiant Fortnite Skin

We are putting two skins because they’re from the same set it is radiant and brilliant striker so radiant striker is less rare than brilliant striker so radiant would actually come in at.

7. Brilliant striker Fortnite Skin

When we are putting them both together just because they are from the exact same set so radiant was last seen January 11th, 2019 which was 417 days ago and the brilliant striker was last seen December 19th, 2018 which was four hundred and forty days ago so these two are fairly rare and we are extremely sad because I refunded brilliant striker or bright bomber Fortnite Skin who does that okay yeah so that is my current dilemma and these two are coming in at we have hats of that hockey that what I don’t know how to pronounce it that’s probably a reason as to why it’s rare because nobody can pronounce it and nobody bought it the last time a hat give that was seen in the shop was December 15, 2018, or 444 days ago from when we are recording this and I can honestly see it it’s not that great of skin let me know down below if you guys own this skin but I personally would not buy it for the amount of V bucks.

6. Sky Stalker Fortnite Skin

we have sky stalker again another skin that belongs in the trash and good for epic games for keeping a hold of it so the last time sky soccer was seen was December 7th 2018 or 452 days ago which is a long time actually and yeah sky stalker bad skin makes sense.

5. Hippy Fortnite Skin

We have far out man now this is like the hippy skin and honestly, it’s not that great I haven’t seen this in literally forever in a game the last time the skin was seen was November 26 2018 or 463 days ago from when we are recording this and it honestly makes sense as to why they’re holding on to this too because again it is their skin that belongs in the trash with sky stalker I mean if you guys like far out man I am severely apologizing to you guys right now because I can see why some people like it it’s just not personally a skin I would buy moving on now guys to the.

4. Diecast Fortnite Skin

We have diecast and yes this skin should Diecast it was bad because it is not very good at all I get why they’re holding onto it the last time it was seen was November 20th, 2018 or 460 nine days ago interesting as to why they’re holding on to it but also make sense because it’s a pretty bad skin and I honestly don’t know anyone who has bought this absolute monstrosity moving on now guys to the.

3. Midnight ops Fortnite Skin

we are entering a V top three or rarest item shops skins in Fortnite very interesting so midnight ops is actually taking the place of and it was last seen October 24th, 2018 and this is one of the worst-rated skins in the game you noticing like a pattern here I keep putting skins in the trash because honestly all of them are bad skins which is why Epic Games isn’t coming out with them because they’re not gonna make them any money and that just makes sense business-wise okay I got off on a little bit of a tangent their midnight ops is coming in at the.

2. Rogue agent Fortnite Skin

We have rogue agents now I feel like a lot of you might have known this this used to be a starter pack skin or it was originally a starter pack skin and epic games was like you know what let’s just release it for three times the amount of money in the shop and see if we get anybody to buy and guess what it didn’t work or maybe it did I don’t work for Epic Games alright so rogue. Now this one is actually a pretty good skin I do own it and I think it is actually like not bad like compared to the other ones that we’ve looked at on this list rogue agent is definitely in the top half of like the best skins on this list and yeah rogue agent.

1. Codename elf Fortnite Skin

We’re doing an honorable mention first which is codename elf and you guys are like wait James codename elf came out in the bundle I know but listen to this okay code name elf was last seen in the item shop on January 31st, 2018 which was seven hundred and sixty-two days ago and because this was the rarest item shop skins list technically it is still second-rarest because it hasn’t been seen in the shop in seven hundred and sixty-two days and all of you are like James you’re stupid it came out in a pack and I know that’s why it’s in our honorable mention we are not that stupid it’s still big brain time boys and guys coming in now at the.

we are sure all of you know this and it’s probably not coming as a shock to any of you it is the recon expert now all of you are gonna be like yes James obviously like why am I even watching because I already knew this positioning if you somehow didn’t know the recon expert wasn’t the rarest skin in the game out of any other skin then get some help please just kidding guys don’t done actually I mean maybe you need an AB no idea so recon expert was last seen in the shop November 12, 2017, or 842 days ago that’s a long time ago so yeah it is one of the rarest skins in the game and honestly if people knew that if people could time travel they would go back and get the skin because of how rare it is I’ve only ever seen this skinning game once they’re so hard to come by and especially here in Chapter two season two I feel like nobody is using the skin I mean maybe they are I have no idea we are probably just in really bad lobbies.

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How to crouch in Fortnite?

Carlos Max



Fortnite is one of the most played games in the gaming world. The popularity of Fortnite is due to its features and graphics. It is a user-friendly game and it is full of colorful graphics. Multiple maps players can select any map of their choice and start to play.

Each map has its attraction and views every map is different from the other. It has colorful animations and plenty of different weapons that the user can unlock by moving to upper levels. The game also provides the feature of chatting players who can chat in a team through messages and voice chats.

Fortnite has many different controls. Some people have a hard time finding these controls. The option of crouch appears only in the battle royale of the game. When you purchase the battle royale of the game then you can find the option of crouching. Crouch control is different on all platforms.

 How to do crouch on PC?

If you are playing Fortnite on PC and want to know how to crouch then on the keyboard press the left ctrl key. If you find it hard to press while in the game then you can change the setting by going into the setting of the game and change the control.

How to crouch on PS4 and Xbox One?

If you are using a different platform and don know how to crouch then first learn it and then apply it. If you are using the controller other than the mouse and keyboard then you can fully customize the setting by using liking.

One of the biggest advantages of using the controller is that Fortnite provides many controller configurations which include standard, quick builder, and combat pro configuration.

In a quick and standard layout, you can do crouching while using the left shoulder button. But on combat pro layout you can do crouching using the right thumbstick.

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