Nikon D500 Review

Nikon D500 Review

The Nikon D500 a powerful and super compact 21MP APS-C DSLR camera  that continues the legacy of its predecessor D300S, with a lot of major improvements in its design and performance. The camera is, definitely a high-end DX format camera with amazing upgrade in specs and attributes.

The camera has the dynamic ability to shoot 10 frames per second and is integrated with an advance auto focus system derived from D5. In other words, the camera comes with performance enhancements and up do date features that were not present in D300S.

The camera finds immense applications in sports photography as it has been designed for high-speed shooting experience. Apart from upgrades in shooting speed and a highly fast auto focus system the camera comes with major updates to the viewfinder, video capabilities and connectivity options.

As described earlier the camera is designed for a fast shooting experience. The camera features a dynamic 153-point AF module and with 99 cross-type points that provides full-width coverage and to add more the camera is loaded with a 180,000-pixel RGB sensor to further enhance its AF tracking capabilities.

Fascinatingly, and alike to the D5, the D500’s AF system is integrated with  dual auto focus tracking features that allow the user to enter the subject’s motion and determine the ideal response for another body that blocks the target object.

One of the best features of the camera include is  the dynamic option that enables you to select the AF points directly from a touchscreen or  AF point joystick, making it super easy for selecting the point of your desire with accuracy and minimum time duration.

The camera is actually the world’s largest optical viewfinder that is available in APS-C cameras. The camera includes a large viewfinder and provides 100% coverage similar to previous DX00 class cameras, along with 1.0x magnification.

The camera provides 4K (UHD) video from 1.5x crop of sensor video support, and impressive shutter speed, along with lossless compressed 14-bit Raw shooting.

Another plus point that the can be associated with the camera include an anti-flicker option that ensures that camera synchronization with a bright point on the flashing cycle of artificial lights. Normally this feature was included in high end DSLR cameras like Canon EOS 7D Mark II.

The camera comes with an impressive 2.36M-dot tilting touchscreen to provide a very solid display to further enhance your viewing results. The camera offers a smaller and light weight carrying experience and with the imaginative screen the camera provides easy operability at odd angles.

Extraordinary features like GPS, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi and NFC allow you to share amazing speeds and shoot directly to your favorite apps.

To sum up the story  the camera is studded with powerful features that are found in high end DSLR cameras especially fast AF and shooting modes. The cost of the camera for the excellent features is very stable and affordable. The camera with all pros and minimum cons, is certainly a camera to own.

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