How To Qualify For Fortnite World Cup

How To Qualify For Fortnite World Cup

Many players like Ninja, Tfue, and many others made their name in Fortnite by winning the Fortnite world cup. Fortnite is a game in which you can compete with players from all around the world. You get many weekly and daily challenges to the practice. If you want to compete in the world cup then you must be a pro player in Fortnite

Because the players who compete in Fortnite are the pro players. So you must practice enough to be the best player in the Battle game. In the world cup players from all around the world can compete to gain the title of champion. Whenever there is a world cup an estimated amount is set for the players.

Who wins the victory of the Battle royale gets many prizes and awards in return.  The tournament is open for any player. Before the world cup, you have to qualify for many tournaments. After qualifying for the tournaments then you proceed to the world cup where each of the competing players in the pro and best player. But there are some requirements from the Epic game that who can play the game.

Who can play World Cup

The Fortnite world cup is open for all players but there some rules that apply to each player of Fortnite. The player who is competing in the world cup must be older than 13 years. If the player is under 18 then is must bring some legal guardian to take part in the audience.

Players should not use any violence or bad language during the game and they should be on good terms with the Epic game. To compete in the World Cup you must be above level 15 in the game. No matter which platform you are playing you can take part in the battle.

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