Canon M50 Review

If you are thinking to shift your photographical gears from beginner’s camera / or smartphones to more advance photographic tools, then surely Canon M50 is the most affordable M-mount series camera that offers M100 brand of the Viewfinder-Sporting. The good thing about the camera is that apart from solid performance features the camera provides a touch of exciting novel developments that are found in the high-end EOS M and Rebel series cameras.

The camera is based on an entry level mirrorless camera with 24MP APS- C sensor, with a powerful electronic viewfinder along with a full touchscreen for seamless interaction with the device accompanied by a single control dial for a classical old camera touch as well.

CR3 RAW format

Canon M50 is a landmark in the respect that it is the first camera that has incorporated a most novel CR3 RAW format, with an efficient compression option called C-RA for high end raw burst shooting.


The main plus points of the camera include Digic 8 processor, 384-zone TTL Evaluative metering mode and a dual pixel AF coverage, with 1.7x crop.


Shoot streaming video in 4K and Full HD, as the camera chains an improved OLED viewfinder with 6000 x 4000 HD resolution. To add more, seize high and concentrated resolution still images from your recorded 4K movies instinctively on the spot with the ultimate built in-camera 4K Frame Grab feature which is quite amazing feature of the camera.

Shooting speed

Canon EOS M50 enables the utmost excellent features to seize your special moments by using 7 fps continuous shooting speed with full resolution that is upgradable to 10fps using one shot AF.


The camera has been structured on the foundations of rack system and stepping Motor-driven lead screw driving mechanism which provides additional mechanical stabilization system, ideal for travel, wildlife and sports photography.

Auto focus

The camera comes with a staggering high count of 143-point auto focus system to provide sky-scraping accuracy to a range of lighting conditions. Along that the camera is embedded Lens-shift type image stabilizer, with crystal clear reproduction of captured motion.

Silent Shooting

Other novel additions that the camera include feature Silent Shooting Scene mode and eye detection mechanism that is only available on the high end DSLR cameras. Among other features that camera houses a new gyro sensor for better shake compensation, as well as dual sensing.


Capture shots all day as the camera comes with high power and effective LP-E12 Rechargeable Battery for all day photography experience.

Overall, the camera is studded with powerful features that are found in high end DSLR cameras. The cost of the camera for the excellent features is very stable and affordable. The camera with all pros and minimum cons, is certainly a camera to own.


How to crouch in Fortnite?

Fortnite is one of the most played games in the gaming world. The popularity of Fortnite is due to its features and graphics. It is a user-friendly game and it is full of colorful graphics. Multiple maps players can select any map of their choice and start to play.

Each map has its attraction and views every map is different from the other. It has colorful animations and plenty of different weapons that the user can unlock by moving to upper levels. The game also provides the feature of chatting players who can chat in a team through messages and voice chats.

Fortnite has many different controls. Some people have a hard time finding these controls. The option of crouch appears only in the battle royale of the game. When you purchase the battle royale of the game then you can find the option of crouching. Crouch control is different on all platforms.

 How to do crouch on PC?

If you are playing Fortnite on PC and want to know how to crouch then on the keyboard press the left ctrl key. If you find it hard to press while in the game then you can change the setting by going into the setting of the game and change the control.

How to crouch on PS4 and Xbox One?

If you are using a different platform and don know how to crouch then first learn it and then apply it. If you are using the controller other than the mouse and keyboard then you can fully customize the setting by using liking.

One of the biggest advantages of using the controller is that Fortnite provides many controller configurations which include standard, quick builder, and combat pro configuration.

In a quick and standard layout, you can do crouching while using the left shoulder button. But on combat pro layout you can do crouching using the right thumbstick.

Home & Garden

Best Fertilizer for Trees And Shrubs

It takes a lot of strength to keep trees and shrubs healthy. The more you will put an effort the better results you will get. Plants, Trees, and shrubs need extra time and effort often they get damaged due to heavy rainfall and snow some are affected by the sunlight so the Gardner has to keep precautions for every type of plant.

It’s not easy to do gardening you have to have the patience to be successful. And to grow the plants and tree healthy gardener use fertilizers. Every trees and shrub need different fertilizer so the gardener has to do a lot of research to find out which fertilizer is best for each of them.

Fertilizers are available in the market and they are of the top quality you can choose the best one. Before buying the fertilizers you have to keep few things in mind think about your growth goals. Some of the fertilizers are:

Jobe’s 01310 1310 Fertilizer:

Each of the fertilizer come up with different and unique features. Fertilizers are available under different brands’ names. All you have to do is to apply them correctly. Jobe’s fertilizer is easy to apply you have to take out soil from the ground and make some space and insert the fertilizer stick and cover it. This fertilizer works slowly if you have applied at the beginning of the season you will get the result at the end of the season. This fertilizer works best in spring so you should apply it in spring.

Miracle-Gro 3002410 Shake ‘N Feed Flowering Trees and Shrubs:

This fertilizer can be used for both planted and potted flowers. It can be used for rose flower, vegetable, palm, and weed preventing. It works slowly as if you have applied at the start of the season it will take 3 months to provide you with the best results. It will give strength to the root and stem and also bloom the growth of the plant. To apply this fertilizer all you have to do is to shake it on the area needed and pat it down gently. And it does not need any watering. This procedure will take care of the plant for the next 3 months.